Letters of Support

Mayor Emanuel
icon Mayor Emanuel Letter of Support September 7 (517 KB) 

Mayor Daley:
icon Mayor_Richard_M._Daley_Letter_of_Support_August_20 (3194 KB)

Senator Obama:
icon Senator_Obama_NEH_Planning_Grant_Letter_of_Support (226 KB)

Congressman Davis:
icon Congressman_Davis_Letter_of_Support.pdf (599 KB)

Congressman Rush:
icon Congressman_Bobby_Rush_Letter_of_Support_April 2008 (62 KB)

Senator Durbin:
icon Senator_Durbin_Letter_of_Support_September_2007.pd (528 KB)

Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr.:
icon Congressman_Jesse_Jackson_Jr._Letter_of_Support.pd (140 KB)

State Senator Hendon:
icon Senator_Hendon_Letter_of_Support_September_2007.pd (1202 KB)

Cook County Commissioner Robert Steele:
icon Cook_County_Commissioner_Robert_ (8 KB)

Alderman Fioretti:
icon Alderman_Fioretti_Letter_of_Support_September_2007 (147 KB)

Alderman Burnett:
icon Alderman_Burnett_Letter_of_Support_October_2007.pd (1715 KB)

Alderman Dowell:
icon Alderman_Pat_Dowell_Letter_of_Support_Jan_30-08.pd (317 KB)

Chicago History Museum:
icon Chicago_History_Museum_Letter_of_Support_Dec_08.pd (140 KB)

Illinois Arts Council:
icon Illinois_Arts_Council_Dec_07.pdf (787 KB)

Mr. Herb Kent, aka "The Cool Gent:"
icon Mr._Herb_Kent_Letter_of_Support.pdf (155 KB)

Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies:
icon Spertus_Letter.pdf (103 KB)

Roosevelt University:
icon Roosevelt_University_Letter_of_Support.pdf (759 KB)

The Field Museum:
icon Letter_of_Support_Field_Museum_September_2007.pdf (1257 KB)

School of Social Service Administration:
icon SSA-Chicago_Letter_of_Support_November_2007.pdf (844 KB)

Arne Duncan, Chicago Public Schools:
icon Arnie_Duncan_Chicago_Public_Schools_Letter_of_Supp (29 KB)

National Museum of African American History
icon National Museum of African American History_April 2008

Alex Kotlowitz
icon Alex Kotlowitz_May 2008

Floyd O. May, Natl. Organization of African Americans in Housing
icon NOAAH_May 2008

Council of Large Public Housing Authorities
icon CLPHA_June_2008

Henry Cisneros, Cityview
icon Henry_Cisneros_July_2008.pdf (194 KB)