Act Now

Taylor Street The Chicago Housing Authority has set aside the Jane Addams Homes site for use as a museum that would be run by an independent organization—now called the National Public Housing Museum.

The CHA will donate the building once the Museum forms a strong board of directors and identifies financing. If these expectations are not met, the CHA plans to demolish the building for future development. The estimated cost to renovate the building and create a thriving museum is $14 million.

The Museum’s Board and Steering Committee have raised money for the planning process, researched potential financing, and are in the process of determining how to develop the site. The Museum also obtained its 501c3 non-profit status in December 2007.

Now is your opportunity to help. We invite you to join us as we work to build a new, independent museum and center. We are looking for founding members with vision, skill, and energy who can help guide and promote this historic project.

The proposed site for the public housing museum at 1322-24 West Taylor Street.
Photograph by Richard Cahan.